The latest stop off the Stairset Battle Tour paid the legendary resort of Les Arcs a visit a few days ago and now you can check video highlights of the action. With guys like Niels Shack, Chris Cunningham and Pierre Rue fighting for a spot at the Air&Style jib jam, shit got heavy. Check it out, and here's the chat and full results...

Blue skies, great vibes and tons of tech tricks - the perfect ingredients for an end of year event. 28 of the best French jibbers unleashed their tricks at the fourth tour stop of the Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle Tour 2010/11 on December 29th 2010 at the French resort of Les Arcs.

Once again, all eyes were on the Stairset and the French locals brought their best game which included plenty of 360s and hardway 270s on to both the rail and ledges.

Deciding on the winner left the judges with a tough decision but there can only be one and so first place went to Pierre Rué, who stuck his two best tricks first try in the final straight from the off; FS360 to 50-50, followed by a BS360 to 50-50. Pierre now joins the previous 3 Stairset Battle winners at the Grand Final tour stop at the Nike 6.0 Air & Style 2011 in Munich, Germany on February 12th, 2011!


1. Pierre Rue FRA

2. Niels Schack FRA

3. Laurent Duhalde FRA

4. Christopher Cunnighan GBR

5. Benoit Thomas-Javid FRA

6. Marc-Andre Seguin CAN

7. Felix Cadiou FRA

8. Thomas Chassagne FRA

9. Thomas Gerin FRA

10. Cesar Reversade FRA