Watch what went down when Nick Ennen manned up and hit an 80 -100 foot snowboard cliff drop out in the Cooke City, Montana backcountry... and rode away. The thing's massive!

It could just be us, but it seems like the dudes in the Wildcard crew have a thing for sending it off massive cliffs on their snowboards. First we had Coonhead chucking himself off a pair of 100 footers at Mt. Baker (with zero regard for his personal safety we might add) and this time, we're treated to an edit featuring Nick Ennen talking us through a much more controlled attempt in The Cooke City backcountry.

After seeing the drop go down, we also get to see the POV angle. It's kind of Interesting how it appears much smaller POV than how it looked from further away. We can guarantee it would have felt pretty damn big though. 80 feet is a long way to be dropping through the air by anyone's standards...

If you missed it, be sure to check out this snowboard cliff drop of a different sort - in fact, let's call it a cliff tumble, it's one of the gnarliest we've seen to date!