Ex-Factor Films filmer and editor and Hoppipolla bossman Petter Foshaug has just dropped a new multi-sport edit featuring a bunch of his friends doing what they do best.

Petter is perhaps most well known for his incredible work on the Factor Films movies from a few years back. These days, although Factor Films are no more, Petter is still involved with snowboarding through Hoppipolla, his headwear company with the Helgasons, and from time to time, we're treated to some more Foshaug filmed snowboard goodness like this sick little multi-sport edit.

The idea for the edit seems as simple as they come: film a bunch of his mates (including snowboarders Eiki and Halldor Helgason, Joacim Nyhaugen and Petter Kristiansen) doing what they know best. It's a beutifully shot snaphot into the world that Petter lives in and the people he hangs out with and we're hoping we'll be seeing more snowboard footage from Petter in the near future.

To check out more of Petter's work head on over to his website.