In the latest addition to our Near Death files, a French dude peeks over the edge of a cliff, loses his footing, slips, tumbles through a minefield of craggy outcrops and ends by plummeting off a sizeable cliff. It starts out looking pretty bad and proceeds to get worse from there on in. Gut-wrenching. We thought he'd definitely be seriously injured after such a hectic ride - if not even a goner - but, much like the well-documented skier who slipped off a gnarly cliff last season, by the end you see he seems to have miraculously escaped any kind of serious injury. Insane.

And this just in from our French ed, who we asked to tell us what Monsieur Neuf Vies is saying...

In the beginning, when he starts coming down, he says "I'm crapping my pants!" and "I don't even know how to get back to the resort!" then

"Aaaaahhhhhaaarrrgghhhhhhh!" [we'd already figured that one out...], then "I can't believe I'm still alive..."

Was the guy super unlucky or just plain reckless?