Morgan Rose, aka Coonman is our new favourite snowboarder that we've never heard of. Aside from wearing home-made coonskin hats and being an all-round loose cannon, it's Coonman's complete disregard for personal safety and zero-fucks given attitude that makes him so endearing. Have you ever seen someone ass-check before dropping a 100ft cliff?

Last year, Coonman dropped two points on one of the biggest cliff-bands ever hit at Mt Baker and lived to tell the tale. Check out this footage from the Shredavision movie to see the drops and hear some rare commentary from Coonman himself.

Morgan Rose aka Coonman does two of the biggest drops ever done at Mt Baker on a snowboard. Morgan Rose has built quite a reputation as a badass snowboarder who will send the biggest cliffs around. In this footage we go behind the scenes of his legendary retaining wall drops with multiple angles and rare audio from Coonman himself who explains his reasoning behind butt checking before a 100 footer. Watch more of Morgan's snowboarding in Shredavision by Wildcard Snowboarding.