The House of 1817 have been pumping out their 'Monday Minute' for a while, but not often have they been as trick-filled as this edit from their preseason.

It's like a summer camp edit in winter. Kind of.

And for those three of you who are interested: From afar Danimals looks a bit like our advertising manager Craig 'fair play' Scrivener.

Featured snowboarders: Jeffy Gabrick, Al Binder, Boody, Mike Casanova, Cole Linzmeyer, Danimals, Sam Bakken, Aidan Flanagan, TJ Antisdel, Jonas Michilot, Jessie Paul, Cody Beiersdorf, Jordan Daniels, Benny Milam, Kristr Ralles, Justin Fronius, Jake Olson-Elm