Do you remember the Momentum teaser we posted the other week? No? Now that's kind of sad, as so far it has been one of the best teasers this year. It is also about Dutch snowboarding, a subject most people are blissfully unaware about.

If you consider this good news there's even more to come: Tim Shiphorst, the brain behind Momentum, just sent us an email announcing a new "Weekly Moments" episode, which basically is the Momentum making of web show. It is good, so do us a favour and at least watch this clip, will ya?

The full movie 'Momentum' will drop in september, untill then we will be uploading weekly video's. This is the fourth weekly.

We went to Oslo for a week to hunt down and shoot some Urban action. However, every spot we went to we got either kicked out, couldn't get enough speed or there wasn't enough snow.

After 4 days we could easily say that we have hit one spot untill then. This kind of crushed the mood so to crank things up a notch we decided to get a litlte session started on this mellow stairset, just to be snowboarding again and generally have a good time. It worked!