Jake Blauvelt Favourite Music

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Mixtape – Jake Blauvelt

Jake Blauvelt. Photo: Sami Tuoriniemi

This latest Mixtape features the top 10 tunes of one of the finest natural terrain freestylers in the game right now… take a bow, Jake Blauvelt.

This dude’s been wowing planet shred the last few seasons with his knack of making gnarly lines look like your regular funpark (check Jake Blauvelt’s full online part for the definition of natural terrain mastery) and while this admittedly isn’t quite as arousing we must say we’re backing the man’s top 10 tunes. Click on the player below to have his music piped in, then hum it when you pretend your front 3 off the cat track is just like how JB does ’em midway down some AK madness.

Sadly we were unable to track down one of Jake’s tunes, The Boxer by the Chemical Brothers featuring Tim Burgess, so we dug out another Chemical Brothers x Charlatans song instead.