Austrian snowboarder and king of Innsbruck Michi Schatz attempts the world record for 'longest scorpion on a rail'. If anything Michi manages to execute a perfect 50-50 on his chest, which might well be the best trick we've ever seen on a wave rail.

Edge catching on a rail is pretty much what every rider is scared of with rails. It's one of those things where everything happens in slow motion as the jerk of your board catching begins to set in motion the terrifying descent towards the rail.

If you're going for a frontside boardslide, the heel edge catch leaves you hurtling towards the rail facing the sky before you end up laid out on the rail like you're being crucified for your terrible rail tekkers.

Either way, this edge catch from Michi is pretty funny. He looks like he's OK apart from crushing a few vertebrae. He manages to give the rail a good stroke on the way down, but misses out on the full inverted scorpion roll that we all dream of.

Michi's part of the Sane Snowboarding crew, and you can check out his full part here. You can follow Michi on Instagram here, or the SANE snowboarding crew here.