JP Walker knows what's up in the hood. At least in Helsinki he does, where handrails abound and the local big dogs are fluent with the jibberish. *legal note: they are in fact speaking Finnish* . How to make the best edit we've seen all week when you've slammed one too many times to get any more shots? Do what no man - white or otherwise - has ever successfully done before you: pen some flows on the trials and tribulations of urban shredding. Kind of sounds like Orishas on rewind, but big up yourself, JP.

Ch ch ch ch check out what they're on about, according to our friendly neighbourhood Googler:

I pökötti in traffic again and now

maximum speed it satakakskyt

unless oo downhill or uphill

when we come hoodeille saw their all yes

vihree beetle rolls well and is smuutti such a young woman

and the ride is not a concern oo

but hovers people just want does not have to step eye Vitos

ku motari stops and starts in urban

I tightened my gas skidisti feet

but if you've duunis and take care of business too

en their brakes by the intersection of gender

and if Henkes For you are expensive

their pököttii you rob me if you see the Tallis

and if you want me to maintain Sun Pallis

ees sure to check out their you can see some of the pököttii ku Tallis

motarilla ohittelee and rybää

downhill sataaneljääkybää

parkkiksel was lying in my pökötti

mitää no negative nothing but good

motarilla ohittelee and rybää

downhill sataaneljääkybää

my pökötti ends with löpötki

is low along the village's difficult kruisii


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