In all honesty, if we received more edits that sounded like 1950's fairground shows, the world would be a much better place. Think of the possibilities: 'Sage Kostenberg's Travelling Circus of Salivating Sickness' or 'Nicolas Müller's Menagerie of Madness'. Snowboarding would actually be saved.

Back onto the matter at hand which is Max Glatzl's Experience, which as it turns out, seems like a damn good experience. Kicking things off in the land of people that eat Puffin - Max heads to Iceland to ride infamous AK Extreme and lives to tell the tale, which is always a bit of a surprise.

Headed back to his native land of Schnitzel, Max gets the laps in at the Penken Park Mayrhofen for some inspired switch up spinning smoother than a shaved dove.

Max then backs it up with some rail riding including one of the funniest bails on a close-out rail we've ever seen and some backcountry riding not to be sniffed at. Quite the experience indeed.