Our brothers of other mothers over at themustachio.com just fired up this full part of flatland brethren Max De Vries destroying his local dome's jibs. What were you doing at 12? Not this, we'd bet...

Looks like the boy Max just got the hookup with Grenade Gloves and had the Mustachio massive point a lens at him as he got mad tech in his local snowdome. Seriously, how does he even have the power do do half that stuff in those wee sparrow's legs of his? If you don't hear more of this kid than we'll eat out hats, our keks, and our spawn's spoiled diapers. Mind. Blown.

Here's the Mustache chat... "Max is 12 years old, has a bag of tricks thats bigger than Santa's, kills it with swag and I have never seen him ride without a smile on his face. Ladies, try not to fall in love with this kid. Max is reppin' Grenade Gloves from now on."