Stop and check this video. This Norwegian grom stomps a Cab double 9, 10 and 12 and caused us to officially abandon any hopes we still harbored of becoming professional snowboarders.

Right, that's it. This is getting stupid. As we all know there's been something of a barrage of internet videos of pre-teen snowboarders being precociously good, but this one sure takes the biscuit.

Norwegian rug rat Markus Kleveland is 12 years old and just had a video of him landing a Cab double 9, 10 and 12 posted to the internet. They didn't even have the internet when we were 12. This is all a little bit too much.

And look, he even has a blog that he doesn't seem to update as he's no doubt way too busy getting madness like this on lock. We'll hunt down our homie Thomas Harstad to find out more about this kid when we've scooped out brains back in our earholes.

Ok, a bit more info on the boy. So he was born in Lillehammer in April 1999, rides for Nitro and was stoked when he got to hang out with Gjermund Bråten according to his team profile. Following in the footsteps of Bang, Horgmo, Baderstscher, Sandbech and Bråten in recent years, Markus looks to be another Norwegian kid on the fast track to the bigtime. Is the Scandi centre of shred power shifting from Finland to Norway?