This winter, Markus Keller is tripping the globe shooting for a new project focussed on his riding, his winter and his homies. Check the teaser, and get the lowdown from the man himself.

Interestingly we'd just finished chatting about ChaMäleon with Mä for his interview in our upcoming print mag when this teaser dropped, so we thought what the hell, we'll just give you a taster of what you can expect from the horse's mouth. The plan is to release 6-7 'making of' webisodes every couple of weeks this season leading up to a full, action loaded movie that'll drop next autumn and then the following winter drop more behind the scenes TV show style edits too...

"I’ve got our crew which is Vernon, Pirmin [Juffinger] and Clemens [Prankl] following me all around, so of course the main focus is on me, but I’m always going to team up with my teammates - be it Nitro or Volcom or Red Bull riders it’s just like guys I like to ride with. In general the main idea, the main part of the concept, is to show all different aspects of snowboarding. We named it ChaMäleon: The Colors of Snowboarding. It should mean as a chameleon adapts to his surroundings, I want to show that I’m able to adapt to the different disciplines that are in snowboarding."

Keep your eyes peeled for the making of episodes dropping soon. This has the potential to be BOSS.