We’re not sure what it is about this summer, but it feels like most crews have been keeping their powder drier than usual. There’s been precious little released in the way of teasers or edits that has got us excited about the return of winter.

However, there’s always one video that comes along, spikes the stokeometer, and motivates us to pack away our shorts and flip-flops, and dig out the manky boots that we forgot to air out in the spring.

This year it’s this Canadian-flavoured collaboration between the Manboys and K2 that has relit the fire. Specifically we’ve got Matt Belzile and Jody Wachniak, both of whom know their way around their native land’s bountiful powder fields.

“Pure punch-the-air stuff... if you don’t go booking a pow trip straight after watching this, then there’s definitely something wrong with you”

Two Canucks and EH' Bunch of Chucks, as it’s known, is almost aggressively old-school. Zero slo-mo, zero waffle - just airtime, pillow blasting and the occasional ragdoll, all cut to a song that could have appeared on that CD you used to get with some Mack Dawg movies.

It’s pure punch-the-air stuff, and if you don’t go booking a pow trip straight after watching this - ideally to British Columbia, where the chuckin’ Canucks did their filming - then there’s definitely something wrong with you. Oh, Canada...

It’s also a reminder that K2’s range of snowboards isn’t purely about the ground-level, Warp Wave-esque riding that its recent star shapes such as the Cool Bean, Party Platter and Simple Pleasures have become synonymous with.

Armed with the Broadcast and the Manifest, two new all-terrain vehicles, Matt and Jody go full send in the deep stuff. You'll be able to find them in shops later this month, but in the meantime get a closer look by checking out the bangers from the session below.