You might have copped Lucas Magoon in a few Bear Mountain edits or maybe in the new Celtek 'Nothing to Prove' movie which dropped a few weeks back. Well, he's has just released his 2014 edita and despite the missed opportunity to call it 'Rise from the Shred' it's a dandy.

Filming with the Finger on the Trigger crew, Lucas' unique style was a new way to perceive street rails for a lot of riders. He got his first solo part in 'Cold World' back in 2007 and looked to be on a meteoric rise. However, an unfortunate accident in 2010 saw him hospitalised with a brain injury from which many people were unsure of whether he'd recover.

Thankfully for him (and us), he did and now it appears he's back on the filming hype 24/7. Check the ridiculous lipslide game through the step-rail at about 1:00 in. Is that an MJ-tap out of the rail? What's that even called?!