As we're European we have no idea what Disney's Tangled is. Nevertheless, Lindsey Jacobellis has remixed her own version of it called Curled, and made a music video for it featuring herself in hotpants doing stuff. We don't know whether she's a post-ironic comedic genius or just a little mad.

Lindsey is a pretty damned hot Boardercross rider, sadly best known for pulling perhaps the most infamous Method of all time and blowing certain Olympic Gold. Now she seems to be following in the footsteps of other well-known snowboarders who've turned their hand to music, like MFM, Kjersti Buaas, Lisa Wiik and, erm, Shaun Farmer But while those shredders' tongues were clearly in their cheeks (Ok, maybe not Farmer and MFM), Lindsey appears to be worryingly irony-free. That, or this is comedy gold to rival Spinal Tap.

Oh well, we suppose it's no worse than half the shit spoon fed to kids these days. But c'mon, when it comes to music how can you not be in total agreement with Bill Hicks? Prepare for your jaws to drop...