We have no idea where they find this shit, but Yobeat have unearthed another gem from the dark depths of the internet, or to be more precise, Kickstarter. A bunch of dudes, night riding, in frickin' LED Stickman suits. Whatever floats your boat... eh?

With the launch of Nike's LED swoosh snowboard boots yesterday, it seems like the whole snowboard world has gone LED crazy recently. We guess it is almost Christmas and all. Let's not forget Jacob Sutton's LED Surfer, which remains one of the most actually inspiring attempts we've seen yet.

We have to admit that this stickman malarky is pretty entertaining - particularly the dudes that kept it simple and didn't cover themselves in the things.

We say fly Shaun White out to a private halfpipe in Lapland, get him in a skin tight LED stickman suit and have him bust out a harsh boot-grabbed triple cork with a GoPro strapped to his nuts. The internet would quite literally explode.