Lauri Heiskari went nuts on the streets and in the pow filming for last season's Cooking with Gas. Check this full part jacked with a winter's worth of his hammers.

Hopefully you peeped the Cooking with Gas 2013 webisodes – featuring the Finnish Tripod of Awesome that is Eero Ettala, Heikki Sorsa and Lauri himself – when they dropped last winter. Now that autumn's on the way the crew will be dropping full parts of their hammers over the next few weeks, and they kick off with our boy Lauri here. Lauri pretty much turns the streets into his own personal funpark, with huge gaps, front 7s and gnarly transfers the norm, before striking out to rip pow and park, all the while letting us know what the real life of a professional snowboarder is all about.

Stay tuned for Heikki and Eero's edits as they drop shortly.