This just in from Mother Russia. WeAre2012 have released the teaser for their upcoming movie "La Resistance." These guys are the hottest shit when it comes to Russian snowboard movies. And to top it all off it will feature Denis 'Bonus' Leontyev, who you will know from his countless blazing web edits.

Viva La Resistance!


ATTENTION! Emergency messege! This autumn there will be lot of uncontrollable resistances all over twenty biggest Russian cities , take care!

We talk about new Russian snowboard movie called “La Resistance" from We Are 2012 studio and THIRTY TWO company. Shooted in St.Peterburg, Moskow, Murmansk, Ukraine and Finland

And other regions. Many street spots was destroyed this winter. Our homies take responsibility!

Denis Leontyev, Nikita Vasilev, Konstantin BerEgevskiy, Yuri Rudchik, Alexey Osovitskiy, Philipp Ananin, Vanja Gribkov, Alexander Osokin, Maxim Sibirjakov, Igor Kulakov, Mihail Ilin, Igor Kalnizkiy

The movie is almost done but you can check teaser now!! Peace out!

Viva La Resistance!