This teaser for Konna: The Movie features unknown Finns who're well-known in Finland and who're also pretty dang good at shredboarding. It is also really random. And really good. Watch it.

Konna's a Finnish rider who, according to our Photo Ed, is the director, editor, star, tea boy, and promotor of his self-titled movie. It sounds like he's kinda like the Vincent Gallo of snowboarding, but don't expect Chloe Sevigny to nosh Konna off at the end though... Or maybe do, you never know.

Jaakko Tervonen - aka Konna - is a well-known ripper in the Finnish scene and has apparently been trying to make this video starring himself and his Helsinki homeboys since almost the early 1960s. Or 2008. Now he finally has enough bangers in the can to drop the teaser and it is as random as it is good.

Here's what Konna had to say:

"Teaser film Toad The Movie. The film about life and snowboarding, which was supposed to appear as early as 2008. Schedule was changed and the new movie year of publication was changed for 2012. Actually the movie was never made​​, is it? Thank you my friends who were good and the bad involved in these moments!"

We so down with his use of 'is it?' that it hurts. Radness.