The latest of Nitro's One Run edits - where one of their pro team submit a clip of one run that sums up snowboarding to them - is live and has Norwegian Knut Eliassen getting more money shots than Jenna Jameson. Epic.

In addition to stoking you out, there's another point to these One Runs. They want you to film your own, submit it on and the team will pick the top 3 they find most awesome will win stuff. Here's the breakdown:

1st place will have a quest appearance in the Nitro Hyped! video + Nitro Limited edition HYPED! Snowboard + Hyped! gear

2nd place will win a free Nitro snowboard + Hyped! gear

3rd place will win a free pair of Raiden bindings + Hyped! gear

The video that gets the most Likes on the Facebook page will also win a signed deck. Booya!