We were sweltering in the office wanting to get down the river for a plunge, but after watching this teaser for a new Finnish crew's movie we want to go riding again real bad. Watch this, it's sick.

Being that our photo ed is from Finland, we thought he might be able to shed some light on the movie name. "I don't know," was his response. Great. Who are the guys who made it then? "I don't know them!"

What we do know is it will feature the riding of these talented Finnish cats: Sebu Naumanen, Teo Konttinen, Jani Sorasalmi, Ville Uotila, Jeppe Rontti, Konna Tervonen, Joel Ahola, Juuso Laivisto, Nuutti Niemelä, Hans Kestilä and friends.

Sick teaser edit, whoever you Mazel Films dudes are... we'll find out more about the crew and let you know.