Wait an minute! Buoloco? Isn't that the obscure folks behind all those shred head skype interviews? Damn right they are. And now they are about to embark on the money train of short web edits. The good news is, though: This is old-school rock'n roll riding. We are definitely looking forward to seeing more of this. Are you?

Hola, this is buOLOco. We don't even know what to called these; chapters, chronicles, web episodes, video diaries, whatever you want to call them thats fine with us heaven or hell. From first thought to final export this video was put together in less than a week. No politics, no second thoughts, no ga$oline involved. Tara Dakides, Andrew Hardingham, Kevin Jones, Blake Paul, Alex Yoder, Aaron Robinson, Jesse Birt, Rob Kingwill and Chris Cressy are the ones who have made this possible. Thanks for the support to the thousands and thousands who continue to visit buOLOco. Thanks for keeping the metal alive!