Postland Theory's latest movie, Catscratch, is a full on bangfest featuring the Flatlands' finest urban assassins, and this is Kas Lemmens' heavy ender from it. So sick.

Postland bossman Tim Schiphorst is clearly impressed with both Kas's skills on a stunt stick and his formidable work ethic. Here's how he sums up the boy Lemmens:

In just two years of filming Kas has claimed an opener and ender part. He is stuck at school every day so for both movies he only had one week to film. He always tries to make the most of it though and goes for more than his best in every session.

Just to indicate Kas' dedication: The first day of filming last winter was in Stockholm, we had to spend the night there to wait for our ferry to Helsinki and since we didn't want to pay for a hotel we decided to setup a spot for the night. Kas went for a fruntblunt to regular on that quadkink. After 6 hours of trying he finally landed a frontboard, between the binders but that wasn't enough for him. 2 hours later he did it again the exact same way: just a frontboard. After 9 hours we had to pull the plug because we would have missed our boat if we continued.

He kept this up every day for a week, and I never heard him complain once. That infectious smile of his never left his face.