After a few episodes or urban attack-boarding, Jake Kuzyk, Matt Belzile and Steve Cartwright roop up to the Whistler backcountry to get it done in the pow pow. Another grand edit from the Better Daze brigade.

Whistler and its expansive backcountry is Matt Belzile's backyard, so Steve and Jake are more than pumped to have him guide them around as they bit up a succession of booter spots and rip the odd pow line. It also must be said that Cartwright's toe-edge catch to landed Cab 9 deserves the 'How The Hell Did He Land That?' award for 2011. It's really rather bonkers.

This is the last Better Daze ep of the season, so here's a round of applause from us to the crew for a grand series of doco-shredisodes.