We waxed lyrical on JP Walker a few days back when we posted his Reel Raw edits from back in the day. Now you can peep the Don's full part from last season's People flick, Cheers. The man's still got it!

JP has done it all. He's raised the bar and then some in terms of urban riding, had more banging video parts than you've had hot dinners and, often overlooked, he's also pretty dang handy when it comes to backcountry freestyle. And he bagged the first ever double cork on film in MDP's Shakedown. After producing snowboarding's first ever all switch part 2 years ago for This Video Sucks, it was back to normal for JP Last winter shooting for the People crew film, Cheers. Except, with JP, you couldn't really call his riding 'normal'.

Geek alert! Look out for a repeat of his first double cork - it even looks like the same spot...