We saw this Norwegian 'rookie' Jørn Simen Aabøe stomping the double version of this back at the recent Nike Chosen Sessions, but now he's taken that off-the-toes bad boy to triple. We don't know quite what to make of that, our mind's still spinning. Watch this and have your brain blended.

We heard this had gone down in Norway the other day from our shooter Olav Stubberud who fired over the sequence of this insanity, then today a Norse gent named Jonas, who works for Jørn's sponsor, Billabong, dropped us the video evidence and it's quite the eye opener. After putting down a couple run-of-the-mill, basic, no-biggie double corks, Jørn steps it up a gear to join the exclusive triple cork club with his hectic frontside off-the-toes version. It's like how people used to do frontside rodeos in the 90s, but cranked up to a whole other level of spin-flippery.

With Torstein Hogmo's OG front triple 14, Mark McMorris' backside triple 1440 and Cab triple, Seb Toutant's take on the back 14 triple, Pat Burgener's switch backside 1440 triple, and now this, it can safely be said that snowboarding has gone properly mad. But is it all a step too far? The riders will tell you themselves that they prefer the feeling of a floated switch back 5 but when kids are amping to break boundaries, for better or worse, this is where the frontier is in kicker riding these days. Hats off, Jørn, you mental.