Why come up with something new when you can copy and paste something you've written a few months earlier? When the Transitmies teaser came out last year we said this:

"Matteo Maggi put his magic Italian hands on a new Coldfocus film project called Transitmies, which in Finnish means something like Ford Transit Men who try to kill themselves over the gnarliest handrails you’ve seen in a long time. The flick features the relentless riding of Juha Blid, Tomi Passi, Stefano Bergamaschi, Antti-Juhani Piirainen, Ali Toppinen, Stefano Benchimol, Tapani Viitala, and Pyry Lepistö."

And now they just started releasing the full parts from this often overlooked gem of a flick. They kicked things off with Stefano Bergamaschi, and now they uploaded Jonne Heinonen and Ali Toppinen's full parts.

What? You haven't seen Stefano Bergamaschi's part yet? Here you go: