Our homies at the deathpunk headwear brand Dalikfodda have just dropped this fun edit of the crew hitting up the rails of Yorkshire when a fat dump landed on the UK last winter. Check it.

Filmed in Leeds, West Yorkshire, over six days between November 27 and December 10 2010, WetFart Two - Selling Sledges to Scallies features that rarest of occurrences - shredding outdoors in England, along with tea drinking and riding from Jonny Russell, John Weatherley, Oliver Waters, Pat Hobson, Lynsey Ashdown, Tom Guilmard, Neil Campbell, Ian Thrashmore and Will Smith (railface). Footage was shot mainly by the riders, with additional bits by Vince van Tash and any professional looking shots are by Tom Elliot.

This clip is a follow-up to 'Leeds Snowboarding - Project WetFart' by Damian Doyle and Standing Sideways, which showed the first outdoor shredding from the UK.