Jed Anderson's B-grade footage is better than many dudes A shots. Fact. Check out this full part that didn't make his full part in Videograss's soon-to-drop banger, Shoot the Moon...

You know, every year riders film way more than actually makes it into their video part. Usually it's left to rot on the cutting room floor because no one wants to see hand drags and tindys, right?

But from time to time dudes get so many bang bangs on lock that the editors have to get super critical and only allow the double A+++ shots to make it into the part. These used to be lost for ever, then DVD came along and if there was enough you'd get to see the B-Roll part in the extras (Eero Ettala's in Follow Me Around being a classic example), and now we have the internet. Wahey! Though still there aren't heaps of B-Roll parts around, but thanks to Videograss you can now enjoy Jed's... and it is pretty tight in itself.