Ok, ok, ok. You're probably sick to the back teeth of us posting edits of Jamie Nicholls. But screw it, the boy is on fire and he fully knocks the back end out of the Vans Penken Park. We wanna show the world.

The boy Nicholls has killing it this season. Still only 17, he's taken his first major career win at the recent Ride Shakedown Europe, ridden the Rookie contest at the Air&Style, bagged second at the Air&Style Stairset and generally just slayed it. Now he's posted some of his bangers from his sessions in Mayrhofen that, though not as polished as our boy Will Nangle's edit of Jamie crushing Mayrhofen, does have his recently learned Cab 12 bad boy. Unfortunately his music choice leaves a lot to be desired. Sort it out, Nipples.

We spoke with Jamie yesterday and after a well-deserved break he's gonna be hitting up some progression sessions over the summer and plans on dialling in even more new hyperspins. So you'd better get used to the look of Nicholls' mug. This is just the beginning...