Jamie Nicholls, our favourite snowboarding lad from Yorkshire in the UK, has just stomped the bejesus out of his first triple cork at the Olympic training facility out in Stubai, Austria.

Even though triple corks are popping up left right and centre these days in the run up to Sochi this February, we're super stoked to see Jamie get this one under his feet (definitely helped by the fact that a significant proportion of the Onboard editorial staff are infact British. National pride and all that...)

We recently spoke to Jamie about his intentions for the trick felt and he told us that his first few attempts felt 'like being proper in a washing machine 'n' that' (or something along those lines), but we could tell that he wanted the trick pretty bad.

By landing the trick, Jamie becomes only the second Brit after Billy Morgan to have ever gone upside times thrice. Good on ya fella!