Forum Snowboards are too good these days. They embarked on the commendable project to dissect their current (this season!) team movie F'It. They have already uploaded the ground-breaking John Jackson part (which is only one click away on our site), and now the dropped Jake Welch's and Niko Cioffi's parts.

Jake Welch, who gossip magazine readers might now from his marriage to Aussie pipe rider Torah Bright, is good at urban jibbing, park riding, he is a banging backcountry rider and pretty much what you would call a well-rounded rider.

Niko Cioffi, on the other hand, is - alongside Daniel Ek, Austen Sweetin, Alek Oestreng, Cameron Pierce, Rusty Ockenden and Mario Kaeppeli - part of Forum's Youngblood crew. Which means for a lot of other brands he would be their greatest asset. He is a bangin' rail rider, as exemplified in this short part.