It was another mind-blowing day of competition here at the 2015 Burton European Open, with Iouri Podladtchikov snagging another gold, with Ayumu Hirano and David Hablützel rounding out the podium. Watch the top 5 runs here!

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What started out as a miraculous break in the snowfall at the start of the men's halfpipe finals gradually descended back into challenging visibility as it went on, which really lay down the gauntlet for some of the best halfpipe riders in the world.

Local favourite and Olympic gold medallist Iouri Podladtchikov put down a stormer of a first run to score a 90.25, which stuck at the top of the scoreboard for the duration of the contest.

Japanese pint-sized ripper Ayumu Hirano and young Swiss David Hablützel rounded out the podium with a barrage of powerful hits on their 2nd and 3rd runs respectively.

Watch all of the top 5 runs from today's contest over the following pages.

Swiss stunt-ditch ripper Christian Haller was on top form today, boosting one of the highest backside airs of the entire contest.

His second run was a blinder, featuring a huge backside air, alley-oop backside 360, Haakon flip, frontside 1080, cab 1080 and frontside 1080 double cork, and was enough for a 5th place finish.

Frenchman Arthur Longo was one of the riders boosting highest down the full length of the pipe, and his best run featured a massive frontside 900, backside air, huge frontside double cork 1080, cab 720, air to fakie and switch double alley-oop rodeo.

Young Swiss prodigy David Hablützel bossed it when it counted, stomping a second run that featured huge 900s and 1080s.

His bronze medal run featured a cab double cork 1080, frontside 900, backside 900, frontside 1080, Haakon flip and double crippler.

Pint-sized Ayumu Hirano has been on solid form this season, and came in guns blazing right out of the gate today.

His third and final run was his best, and featured a massive backside tailgrab, frontside 1080, cab double cork 1080, frontside 1260, backside 900 and alley-oop 720, with Ayumu claiming the silverware.

Olympic gold medallist Iouri Podladtchikov was on unbeatable form today, boosting huge hits down the length of the pipe with amazing style and technique.

His very first run in the sunshine was his best, and stuck in the top spot for the duration of the comp. It featured a featured a huge backside air, frontside 900, backside 900, frontside 1080, cab double cork 1080 and frontside double cork 1080.

Congrats Iouri!