Ever wondered how to make a snowboard? Halldor takes us through the production of a Lobster board in their Austrian factory.

Halldor and Eiki Helgason's board brand – Lobster Snowboards – have been making waves since they dropped a few years back for their freestyle-focussed line, adoption of the Bataleon Triple Base Technology, and some ahem, spicy graphics.

Lobster knows how to make a snowboard

Along with Halldor and Eiki's pro model snowboards, the 2015 Lobster line contains a rail-friendly Jib board, a Park board for those who love nothing more than hot lapping the terrain parks of the world, a more versatile Freestyle board for all-mountain fun, a Youth board for the kids, and the hack-away-at-the-damn-thing deck called the Nosejob - an interesting idea where the nose and tail are designed to be self-customised into whatever freakish tip shape you can dream up.

All the boys' snowboards are manufactured in the same renowned Austrian factory – a factory which also produces boards for the likes of CAPiTA, Bataleon, Dinosaurs Will Die and more – so you know the technology and quality control will be on point. As everyone knows, when it comes to making performance snowboard equipment Austria is at the top of the board-making tree, and this factory not only knows what it's doing, it consciously works towards ensuring its impact on the environment is kept to a minimum.

Halldor builds the snowboard

Over the summer Halldor took a trip to visit the Lobster factory, had the factory homies show him how to make a snowboard and, being Halldor, eschewed supervising from on high with canapés and bubbly in favour of getting his hands dirty and making his own pro model from scratch. It's pretty interesting to see how all the layers come together, get pressed, jigsawed, ground down and all before being packed in a box and sent winging its way to a snowboard store near you.

Check out Halldor showing you how to make a snowboard.

Halldor showing how to make a snowboard