You might have watched the ThirtyTwo team edit from HDHR couple days ago. This time the Bear Mountain crew released their official video and you can watch all the heavy tricks that went down last week at Bear Mountain.

Riders in order of appearance: Johnny Miller, Scotty Vine, Desiree Melancon, Erik Leon, Ted Borland, Riley Nickerson, Andrew Brewer, Spencer Schubert, Dylan Alito, Lucas Magoon, Jonah Owen, Oliver Dixon, Ryan Paul, Daniel Brown, Brett Wilkinson, Ian Sams, Brady Lem, Johnny Lazz, Brandon Hobush, Jesse Paul, Dylan Thompson, Yale Cousino, Zak Hale, Jeremy Estorga, Denis Leontyev, Jaeger Bailey, Melissa Evans, Jordan Small, Dillon Ojo, Tommy Gesme

The Tenth Annual Hot Dawgz and Handrails Snowboard Contest at Bear Mountain results:

1st -Tommy Gesme

2nd -Dillon Ojo

3rd -Jordan Small

Women's -Melissa Evans

Best Trick -Jaeger Bailey (fs 50-50 bs 270 transfer to boardslide)