More authorised awesomeness from the High Cascade Summer Camp at Mt. Hood. A three-song jib-fest with some added sunset kicker riding at the end. Summer snowboarding never looked more fun. Will some potent European investor please step up to the challenge and create a European version of this?

Featuring: Jed Anderson, Gigi Ruf, Joe Sexton, Jake Kuzyk, Jake OE, Scott Stevens, Pat Bridges, Spencer Schubert, Mike Rav, Ted Borland, Johnny O'Connor, Forest Bailey, Vinny, Colton Morgan, Blake Paul, Andrew Aldridge, Scott Blum, Danielle Paterson, Max Warbington, Colin Spencer, Jaeger Bailey, Jayell White, Blake Geis, JD Dennis, Joe Hill, Seth Hill, Teddy Koo

Filmed By: Skylar Brent, Harry Hagan, Matt Roberge, Eli Olson, Brendan Barry, Derek Weimer

Edited By: Skylar Brent