Powder, slams, powder, powder and powder in the teaser for Tadashi Fuse's Heart Films Vol. 5. Che-che-che-che-check-a-check it out.

A faceful of fresh on a hot summer's day is always awesome. Even though it's 30 degrees outside, this teaser from Tadashi Fuse and his band of brothers will get you hyped on winter.

In their own words: "Heart Films is a Japanese film crew, based on East of Japan, Hokkaido and Whistler, BC which is a home mountain of " Tadashi Fuse", the founder of Heart Films. They always enjoy back country riding. Fresh Powder, steep, cliff and more. Full movie will be out in Fall 2011.

Starring: Futa Adachi, Yutaka Muraki, Tomohide Inoue, Yuta Watanabe, Kazuumi Fujita, Takafumi Konishi, Akifumi Hiraoka, and moreā€¦"