Summer camp edits don't get any better than this! Even if you don't have the time, watch from 4'24 on, it's out-of-this-fucking-world!

Session 3 is now under wraps, and all we can say is watch this! This recap could be, perhaps, our most action packed recap to ever hit the internet-land. With beautiful weather, and an impeccable, private snowboard park, it's only natural that the riding was just on point!

Featured riders: Scott Stevens, Zak Hale, Chris Regnier, Brendan Hupp, Colton Morgan, Pat Moore, Blaze Kotsenburg, Ted Borland, Bryan Fox, Dan Brisse, Mike Rav, Harrison Gordon, Bode Merrill and many more!

Bonus: The Session 3 "Camper Recap" - all the action from the actual camper kids...