Right this is awesome. Yeah it's a wrapup of the video highlights from the pipe and slopestyle at the Burton NZ Open, but even better... VOICEOVER GUY IS BACK!

Don't ask how, don't ask why, but somehow the times we were given for the live stream of the Burton NZ Open we were trumpeting about last weekend all went to bollix. Ok, do ask - we're sorry to report we have no idea what happened: we were given times that we were told that the action was to kick off and it seems that this info was shady to say the least.

Whatever, all we can do is apologise profusely for our mistake on someone else's part and as a weak way of trying to make amends present you with highlights from the pipe and slope, where Mark McMorris, Jamie Anderson, Ryo Aono and Kelly Clark ripped most awesomely.