Dan Kaspar from Czech Republic wins best Groms Open ever in Mayrhofen's Vans Penken Park.

The Groms Open were held traditionally in the Vans Penken Park, Mayrhofen, Zillertal, on the St. Epiphany on Wednesday 6th January 2016 already in its 9th edition. The competition offers young and upcoming riders (aged under 18) a platform where girls and boys can simply join their first contest or compete against people in the same age bracket for honor and fun.

46 riders joined the competition from several different countries on a blue bird day in Mayrhofen. Competitors from Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Great Britain und also riders from the very high North, like Island made their way to Mayrhofen.

Dan Kaspar. Winning the whole damn thing. Photo: Jasper Doppenberg

The slopestyle run consisted of optional down rail or down box, followed by a kicker with about 10m table and a kicker with about 12m table in the end. Both kickers offered the option to choose the smaller take off for younger competitors. After some snowfall the day before, Oriol Rosell and his shaping crew did an amazing job setting up the park so the competition was able to start in time.

After a two hour qualification round, the judges Andy Lehmann and Lukas Draxl chose the 8 best riders for the finals.

In the end it was the Czech rookie, Dan Kaspar, who took home first place – showing some really technical tricks on the rails, clean and smooth style over the kickers with a cab 180/50-50 at the downrail, a bs 360 stalefish at the first kicker and a fs 720 double grab (mute/tail) at the second kicker. 15-year-old Samuel Jaros from Slovakia, became second with tail 270 at the downrail and bs 720 mute - fs 3 melon at the kickers. Third place went to Billy Cockrell from Great Britain who impressed the judges in the finals with tail 270 - fs 360 fs grab - bs 720 mute.

Billy Cockerall. Photo: Jasper Doppenberg

The first place in girls category went to Emma Lantos from Tyrol, right in front of her rival and team mate Kiara Zung und Anika Morgan from Germany.

The title 'Best Grom' went to Lukas Frischhut with fs 50-50/fs 180 downrail - cab 540 tail - bs 360 mute. At the youngest competitors of the day, the Super Groms islandic Benni Fridbjornsson convinced the judeges with bs 50-50 at the downrail, fs 360 tail and a backflip.

Prize giving was held at the Grillhofalm, just next to the park. The successful participants were awarded with action cams from Drift Innovation, a wild card for the World Rookie Finals and lots of stuff from Vans.

See you all next year for the 10th anniversary of the Groms Open on January 6th 2017...

The groms were hyped in the VPP. Photo: Jasper Doppenberg