Gérome 'Coin Coin' Mathieu is arguably one of France's finest snowboarders. The avid snowboard enthusiast will know his skills from the latest Pirates flick Hooked. But even if not no worries: This online video part features lots of Pirates footage as well as his tricks from the Nike 6.0 D-Pad session and other material that's well worth seeing.

If you're still reading on (and seriously, we wouldn't know why) let us tell you that Coin Coin won the 4-Star TTR comp Nissan Stomp-It in Modena earlier this season, owns an FMX bike, and - apart from Nike 6.0 and Apo - is sponsored by PO, Burn, Pull'in, Dragon, Deeluxe, Shark Biscuit, Level, and Ho5.

Now go and enjoy Gérome Mathieu's 2010 Online Video Part!