The third installment of the Gastof Zillertal's video comp has come to a close and the top 3 movies of Shoot Your Friends announced. Check them out

Here's what Jan from the Gastof had to say: "3 years ago, Jim Healy (Gasthof-Zillertal Bar Manager at the time) and myself (Gasthof-Zillertal General Manager) sat down and came up with the idea to organize this competition. Wanting to show the world the life and lifestyle of a snowboarder during the winter season, we molded the idea into a competition over a 6 week period. To make things even more interesting weekly assignments were made up that had to be included. Some assignments were riding related, some were lifestyle related and some were just straight up funny. And that’s exactly what they wanted to see, the humour and creativity of snowboarding!

"The 6 week during Shoot Your Friends video competition has come to an end. It has been a fun and eventful. We have put our contestants trough alot of weird things for them to show us, from kissing 40plus year olds to waist deep forest powder. While they where out doing their homework we were racking up a giant prize pile for them to take home after our premiere night at the Gasthof Zillertal."

And the winner is. Drumroll…

First Place

The Sundance Kids

“Well deserved with succeeding in pretty much every thing that we had to throw at them."

Second Place


“Strong edit with strong riding, unfortunately didn’t cope with succeeding in completing all the challenges."

Third Place


“The most funny edit for sure, Swedish meatball crazyness. Creative riding and filming."

All of us from the Gasthof Zillertal are very proud of the outcome, and are looking forward on planning next year’s edition.

Special thanks to all our sponsors for making this happen.


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