Swedish rider Zenja Potapov just fired us his new season edit and it's a banger! Solid street snowboarding from a rider who we haven't come across before but are looking forward to seeing more of.

Here's what Zenja had to say about his part:

"Here is my season edit or street part that im finally done with. This full part is all from Kiruna area. The city is pretty small, just 18000 population. So its kind of hard with the spots. It took whole season to fix that and it was some hard times behind, but it always fun and always some weird stuff happening in this town. haha!

I wish i could see more riders up here.

The season end up exactly how i want it, so im happy. I been working with my 2 best friends who has the same thing in mind and who i also want to say thanks to, Kristoffer Fredriksson and Joakim Boldo. They helped me a lot. Now im just insanely stoked for the next season, since we are thinking to get a winch, so its gonna be a mission now on summer to look around and try to find a new spots.

I hope you will enjoy it."

Enjoy it we did. That final kink rail was beast!