Don't ask us how to pronounce the name, but Ylfa Rúnarsdóttir certainly has some pronounced skills on a snowboard. Hailing from the mean streets of Reykjavik, she's now an Icelandic import in Sweden, where she seems to be absolutely slaying it as far as we can tell.

We'd say that she has a lot of power in her riding - it's not often you seen that Kjersti Buaas/Cheryl Maas power in a snowboarder, but we reckon Ylfa's got it by the the truckload. When you snatch the Riksgransen Banked Slamon 1st place, the chances are you're gonna have a fair amount of batteries in the legs and the edge control of a knife wielding surgeon.

Finishing the edit with a front 540/720 revert double hand drag is a little...meh, but discounting that, it's a very solid season edit. She's got that Jussi Oksanen halfcab butter to front 3 action at 0:25 in, which is sooooo sick. Definitely a bit of Buass power in that.

Also, THAT method at 0:45 in, genuinely made us groan out loud with joy. The world can never have enough methods as far as we're concerned.