Feast your facelamps on some re-mixed and re-mastered Mikey Pederson YES. footage. Dude sends it so deep in the backcountry!

If you can get past the slightly unnecessary introduction from Skuff TV girl, you'll come across some amazing re-cut footage of Mikey Pedersen sending it deep in the Whistler backcountry.

Mikey is a stalwart of the Whistler backcountry snowboard scene, cutting his teeth in Kevin Sansalone's Sandbox movies before being hooked up by YES., and putting out parts in their film projects. Watch Mikey go ballistic on some serious backcountry booters, drop cornices and generally stomp his authority on the BC backcountry, much like how a dog marks his territory.

But all dog urine aside, we're always down to watch Mikey send it, so sit back and wish you could go as big and stomp a tenth of the shit he does.