Real Snow round two is up - and we've got another set of head-to-head battles in what has to be one of the best sets of minute long parts we've seen. But before we get on to that - here's a quick round up of the voting results from Round 1:

real snow round 1

It's a pretty fine line between most of these - with Brisse just ahead of the rest in terms of percentage wins. If you do want reminding of all 8 original parts you can check back on our original post, or keep reading for the semi finals.

Here are the next match-ups for Round 2:

Real snow round 2

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[part title="Frank April vs. Dylan Thompson"]

Frank April

What we said

Thought Frank’s part in Deja Vu was nuts? Well some of this shit fully one-ups it. Every single trick is hammer, simple as that. That backside 50-50 on the gap rail and that drop ender? Both switch. We’ve said it before, but for a tall guy, Frank has got incredible style too.

Dylan Thompson

What we said

When it comes to X Games Real Snow, Dylan is technically a rookie, but his riding sure as hell ain’t. How Dylan doesn’t blow his ACL out every season is beyond us and this part has some SERIOUS rail to drop-offs. Can you imagine hooking up on that last trick? The rail has a freaking knob on it AND the gap is over a wall… so damn insane.

Our Verdict

Two riders flying in defiance of our predictions - and making it safe into the second round. To be honest, we can't fault them (and we did predict that Frank could well be an overall contender). So we'll stick with our guns on this one and go with the tall guy for the final - our vote, Frank April just sneaks it.

[part title="Dan Brisse vs. Eiki Helgason"][splitpost intro="true"]

Dan Brisse

What we said

Dan Brisse does the kind of shit on his snowboard that most other riders wouldn’t even consider looking at. Much like Dylan, every single trick is bloody massive. As much as we want to say we’re always after something a little extra from Dan’s style and that his riding is getting a little played out, we totally can’t make those statements when he’s still putting out parts as crazy as this.

Eiki Helgason

What we said

It always amazes me how we constantly see new spots from the Helgasons. I mean, sure, everyone knows Iceland has a bunch of sick street spots but it’s got a population of like 300,000. How many perfect handrails does a little(ish) island in the middle of the Atlantic need? Anyway, everyone knows Eiki kills it and there’s some super creative, tech stuff in his part. We thought the 360 flip thing was crazy enough and then he went and did a double frontflip by practically jamming his nose into a massive column…

Our Verdict

Almost too close to call - Dan's is consistently huge, but Eiki's fights back with plenty of creative flair. Eiki takes it for that extra bit of spice in our eyes, but Dan could still take it considering the strength of votes he had in Round 1.

Overall Verdict

OK, so a couple of big players have dropped out already - no Louif or Bode in contention. Arghh this is a tough! Frank and Dan have the big hitters that could just seal the deal if you're asking us - but we've loved seeing all four of these guys shred. At the end of the day - it's down to you...

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