What do you get when you take 5 of the ballsiest, most rubber-kneed, videogame imitating street snowboarders on the planet and get them to jump off the craziest shit for a gold medal? X Games Real Snow, duh.

The contest, which challenges a a select group of riders to film a 90 second video part which is then voted on by the riders themselves, plus the filmers, to determine a winner, has been going on for a good few seasons now, and always brings some of the darned heaviest snowboarding we see all year. These guys are freaks by their very nature but we guess they really are willing to risk life and limb for an X Games gold medal.

This year, the rider list is as stacked as ever, with Chris Grenier and Sebastien Toutant joining the contest alongside veterans Jeremy Jones, Dan Brisse and Dylan Thompson.

Hit NEXT below to check out all five of this year's X Games Real Snow videos, or jump to a specific rider below:

Chris Grenier

Jeremy Jones

Dylan Thompson

Sebastien Toutant

Dan Brisse

Thanks to ESPN's shitty player, be sure to pause each video before moving to the next:

Chris Grenier makes his debut in X Games Real Snow with a super solid part featuring some heavy drops, one-footed backflip roofgaps and plenty of other technical tricks. The fence frontside 50-50 to transfer backside 50-50 is a highlight, as well as the wallride backside rodeo-off ender.

A sick debut part no doubt, but with what some of the other guys have put out this year, we don't think it's quite gonna cut it.

Jeremy Jones has been in the game for a while. In his 2015 X Games Real Snow part, Jeremy pulls out the old Forum decks and gets stuck into some ligament-busting gap to wallrides, creative tree jibs and much more.

We don't think it's going to win the thing, but it's a solid effort for a dude has done so much for the progression of street snowboarding.

No two ways about it, Dylan Thompson is a machine. After opening up with a hand-drag on one of the coolest looking spots we've seen in a while, Dylan proceeds to drop hammer, after hammer, after hammer.

Huge 450 offs are no biggie for this man, there's a front board transfer into a fucking huge damn, and thats all before the shipping container re-directs. Ridiculous.

Sebastien Toutant turned a lot of heads with his full street part from last year and his debut in X Games Real Snow continues right where he left off.

After opening up with a frankly huge gap off a roof to boardslide, Seb continues the onslaught with computer game-esque street stunting, including huge hardway transfers and a backside rodeo boardslide on a feature that most riders would be content just boardsliding.

Dan Brisse is an X Games Real Snow veteran and it's not difficult to see why. Heck, he even has an instagram account dedicated to the kind of superhuman sized spots he hits on the regs.

The first shot of his part is surely the winner - a ridiculously big gap out of a disused gas pipe which really has to be seen to be believed. It doesn't stop there of course, with the kind of balls-out riding that has cemented Dan as one of the most reliably insane street riders of all time.