[UPDATE: Our 48-hour exclusivity has ended so hopefully you were hyped on Wolle and Danny's part. For now, check out the Dopamine teaser above, stay tuned for another exclusive part next week and if you can't wait make sure you buy the full Dopamine movie on iTunes.]

Watch the Austrian maestro and the US badboy go nuts in tit-deep conditions exclusively here for the next 48-hours. Trust us, you won't want to miss this.

Wolle's been a mainstay of the Absinthe movies since day one and, like a fine wine, only seems to get better with age. In his umpteenth part he sends it hard with barely a pat-down in sight. If we were to sum up this part in one word it would be 'pillows', and homie Danny Kass gets to join in the fun, too, before Wolle blows minds with his Äsmo noboarding to wrap up with.

For more on Dopamine, be sure to check out the Absinthe website and download the special Absinthe app. And if you haven’t seen the movie in full yet, well, you’re totally blowing it!